Math Book For Pre-Kindergarten

With “MathBook PK”, you can prepare your pre-kindergarten kids to challenge some basic math skills in 6 different chapters (Counting, Comparing, Sorting, Positions, Measurement, and Geometry) using a very attractive graphics with lovely animals, plants and objects.
Each time you run a chapter a new 30 problems are generated so your kids will never get bored of practice.

Run “MathBook PK” together with your kids and help them discovering the world of math and give them the confidence to solve mathematical problems.

Check your kids score at the end of the chapter and find early which skills of math your kids have difficulties and encourage them to keep practicing at that chapter many times until they master that skill. Each time they will find different variations.

Make them love Math by solving problems that feels like play.

“MathBook PK” contains 6 FREE chapters:

» Counting – learn to count up to 10
» Comparing – compare numbers, fewer, more, etc.
» Sorting – same and different
» Positions – inside, outside, top, bottom, left, right, etc.
» Measurement – longer, taller, shorter, wider, etc.
» Geometry – identify circles, squares, and triangles.

Kids are educated through a series of unlimited variations of 6 educational chapters, each chapter has 30 problems.

This is an educational math application for your kids and a perfect challenge for them!


Download Math Book For Pre-Kindergarten from Google Play Store, please click the link: